• Co-chair: AIART 2023, 2024
  • Session chair: VR 2023
  • Program committee: VINCI 2023, EG 2024, GMP 2024, SIGGRAPH Asia 2024 Courses/Technical Communications and Posters
  • Reviewer for journals: TOG, TVCG, TPAMI, CGF, JOCCH, Computers & Graphics, Graphics and Visual Computing, Computer Aided Geometric Design, ACM Computing Surveys, MIR, TLT
  • Reviewer for conferences: SIGGRAPH, SIGGRAPH Asia, CHI, UIST, VR, EG, PG, VRST, GMP, CAD/CG, GDC


  • Computational Media and Arts Head Search Committee
  • RBM Selection and Interview (S&I) Committee
  • Information Hub Student-Staff Liaison Committee