Simonstown: An AI-facilitated Interactive Story of Love, Life, and Pandemic

Bingyuan Wang, Pinxi Zhu, Hao Li, David Kei-man Yip, Zeyu Wang
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou)


We present an interactive story named Simonstown that demonstrates the love and life of ordinary people in the fictional setting of a fatal pandemic. Technically, the artwork integrates different Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in the whole production pipeline, including concept formation, creation, and presentation stages; artistically, this interactive film explores the relationship between human and environment in the contemporary context, especially infused with advanced technologies in daily life. The project serves as a demonstration and case study of AI-facilitated interactive storytelling, including better control with AI and how they integrate with live image projects, as well as using the stand-alone camera for real-time synchronization. Our results highlight the significant contribution of AI in visualizing intricate story branching, translation, and adaptation, presenting AI visualization as a distinct, specialized, and well-suited tool for interactive filmmaking.

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