Panorama to Cube: A Content-Aware Representation Method

Zeyu Wang, Xiaohan Jin, Fei Xue, Xin He, Renju Li, Hongbin Zha


As panoramas provide a brand new viewpoint for the public, relevant cameras and software such as RICOH Theta, Microsoft Photosynth are embracing more and more users. However, the display methods for panoramas remain monotonous. In this paper, we propose a novel representation method called Content-Aware Cube Unwrapping using the effective and interactive techniques of orientational rectification, image modification and energy estimation. Thus, a number of fascinating applications will come into reality. For instance, six surfaces of a Rubiks cube can be automatically rendered from a vertically oriented panorama, without cutting any person or significant object apart. Moreover, seam carving and inserting are applied to each surface to enhance the key content and to make the scenery more consistent.

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